23 December 2013

Ending the Novel Stuff and Pivoting

Yep, all the November novel writing stuff is out of my system. I started out trying to write Scratch Esquire, but it just would not write and after I lost an entire chapter I must admit I sort of walked away from it and just started putting up something I had written and abandoned a while back. Survivor technically fits here because it's about a police officer. Still, while it's fun to write, it's not the kind of thing I would normally post here nowadays. That's not to say I wasn't getting a bunch of hits when I put up new chapters. I put out notice on various social media sites when I put up a chapter from Ambush in Bartlette. I didn't do it for Survivor and it was still getting more hits than Ambush did. I guess this is why people like Jim Butcher and Laurell K. Hamilton are able to make a living selling books in the Urban Fantasy (or at least Butcher - Hamilton might be better characterized as FemPorn). The first few chapters were already written, but chapters five forward are ones I wrote last month.

Now that the first section of Survivor is written, I think I will go back to legal stuff and maybe get back into writing Ambush. It takes longer to write a chapter for Ambush, but I definitely need to finish it.

As well, I now need to turn to preparation for the CLE's I lecture at during March and April. So, don't be surprised if you start seeing more case law broken down here.



Anonymous said...

My New Year's resolution was to check Crim Law until the Hideous Something Barlett or Survivor showed up and then check again Next Year (2015). I assume they were awful, I didn't read them!!

Ken Lammers said...

Sadly, I can't make you enjoy what I've written. If I were driven by numbers of people reading the blog I'd continue to write the fictional stories exclusively. They have yielded much larger readership numbers than I get when I do legal analysis.