30 November 2004

Around the Web

1) Do federal prosecutors go to trial more often when they are angling for a better job?

2) Are juries entitled to not convict when the facts support a conviction but the jurors would consider it unjust?

3) Great Britain got rid of the right to remain silent in 1994.

4) Are drugs a moral problem?

5) Virginia turns back an attempt to add more mandatory minimums. Now if we could just get rid of the ones we have.

6) Will making people take vitamins reduce the crime rate? Lv UKCrimJust

7) 5k1.1 departures downward from federal sentencing mandates and their disparities by jurisdiction.

8) Okay, I've represented more than six people on dockets in different courtrooms, I've even slept overnight in the office, but my clients are not getting my home telephone number. Serious cases get the cell but nobody gets the home number.

9) And since everybody out there seems to be going nuts with anticipation - here's where the promised "Becker-Posner Blog" (a name I'm sure they sat up all night thinking up) shall make its home. Someday . . . Soon . . . Real soon . . . They promise . . . No, really!!! It'll be up any day now . . . Would you believe week? How about a week and a half? All further discussions on this topic must be done under the Cone of Silence.

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Ken Lammers said...

Hmmm . . . Blogger acted up and posted this post twice. I deleted one of the posts and in the process eliminated a comment. I wasn't trying to be rude. Sorry for the screw up.