18 November 2004

What Name for the Washington Baseball Team?

They still haven't settled on a name for the Expos once they have been relocated to D.C:
Baseball officials plan to announce by Friday when the franchise will be renamed. Selig favors calling the team by its old name, the Washington Senators, but the Washington Nationals is the leading contender.
What boring names. We are missing a great opportunity here. In one fell swoop we could solve the years long dispute over the Washington Football Redskins' name by calling the baseball team "the Fightin' Whiteys" or even better "the Washington Rednecks."

I can see it now: The mascot could be a guy who hasn't shaved in a couple days, wearing a well-worn number 3 cap, with a battle flag t-shirt, standing next to a beat up orange pickup truck. As you came in the main entrance of the stadium you would look up and see the team motto: "You can have my gun, When you pry it from my cold, dead hands!"

I'm tellin' ya, it's a great idea. Start calling your Senators and Congressmen today. Do it now - before it's too late.

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