26 February 2005

Infinite Variety: A New Nigeria Scam

My Dearest,

I write this letter in anticipation of the fact that we can be of great use to each other. How I came about your email address is not of much consequence, given that what matters most would be your kind assistance, which of course would be reciprocated. I am a young lady of bright prospects with business acumen and will not love to see my dreams come crashing down. My boyfriend and benefactor for many years was well placed in government and as such benefited from the immediate past governor of my state(Ondo State), here in Nigeria. Road Construction contracts were awarded him to the tune of US$25M {Twenty five million US Dollars} .The execution of the contracts had not started before the present governor took over, however the funds for the job had been released in full.

Tragedy struck on the 17th of last month when my friend and benefactor died under very questionable circumstances. Before his death, my benefactor though married entrusted a lot of things in my care and details of these outstanding contracts were
made known to me. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of outcry by the present Governor who is bent on rubbishing the image of his predecessor by alleging
that bogus contracts had been awarded in his time. I have an interest to protect here, given that I have access to these funds and cannot afford to see it recovered by the present administration. I thus need to transfer these funds into a foreign account and here is where you can be of help to me. If you would be interested to help, I need you to reach me immediately so that the terms can be discussed, as would be favourable to both of us.

Terms shall be worked out on a percentage basis. I also wish to relocate and invest my share of the money in a profitable business, perhaps abroad.

I have been careful not to mention names at this point, given that I hardly know you and need to be convinced that you can be trusted.

I await your kind reply, if you are interested.Contact me through my confidential
email address {princess_juliet_okoro@XXXXX.COM}
Sincerely Yours,
Juliet Okoro

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