08 March 2005

Around the Web

First, let me apologize for not getting too many posts up lately. I've been hit by a lot of work and I'm trying desperately to get an article I promised someone written. Hopefully, things should lighten up by the end of the week and let me devote more time here.

1) IPD is having a jury trial over a rape charge.

2) Remember, law students, a bad day in criminal court beats a good day as a first-year BigLaw associate every time.

3) Signing Kris P. Creme on a credit card receipt at Dunkin Doughnuts.

4) Weight and DUI accuracy.

5) E-mail will be intercepted. Your affair will be found out.

6) Police catching swans? Why?

7) DOJ bought WordPerfect instead of Word. YESSSS!!!!!! Perhaps the legal world will start to swing back toward a word processor which actually works well.

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