04 October 2005

Bet on Delay

If I had to bet, I'd bet on The Hammer. The indictment is flimsy, the prosecutor's got a history, and the defendant has retained one of the finest defense lawyers in the country, Dick DeGuerrin (who, incidentally, licked the same prosecutor about 10 years ago when Kay Bailey Hutchison was the victim of a similar politically motivated indictment). Yep, bet on The Hammer here and give the points.


Mark said...

Speaking as a local Houstonian, my support is behind Rep. Delay, for much the same analysis you have stated.

Mike said...

Ken is the only person referred to "The Hammer" in these parts. ;^>

Anonymous said...

My bet is that Delay can't win this. Whether or not he is convicted of a crime is another story, but it appears that Delay will lose some support from his voters and lose some of his power in Congress.