03 February 2008

This Weekend's Sports Bragging

Here we go again. Yes, I still know this is not criminal law in nature. And, yes, you will have to keep suffering these periodic updates as long as my schools, Centre College and Bryan Station High School, continue to excel.

On Friday Centre let Trinity University whomp on it for most of the game, but with 5 minutes left staged a steady comeback to tie the game with 20 seconds left on the clock and win in overtime. Gotta stop that pretty soon 'cuz I'm pretty sure some teams Centre will face in the tournament are teams Centre shouldn't let get a lead. On top of which, if they keep this up too often I'm liable to have a heart attack.

On Saturday Centre took on a game Southwestern University and, while Southwestern refused to fold, took and kept a solid lead for much of the game, winning by 10 points.

Thanks to Trinity for doing an audiocast of the Friday game and Southwestern for a videocast. Sadly, because Centre offers neither of these and I live 3 hours from the campus, I'm better able to follow Centre when it plays away games.

Meanwhile, my high school, Bryan Station, remains number one in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with wins over two Lexington schools this weekend: 83-64 over 16th ranked Paul Dunbar on Friday and 83-57 over Lafayette on Saturday.

On Tuesday Bryan Station will play 4th ranked Scott County, at Bryan Station. It's hard to tell whether Scott should be ranked where it is because its record is not good (14-9), but most of its losses have been traveling out of the Commonwealth against teams from other States. Bryan Station beat Scott County earlier on its court, but Scott has beaten Mason County, the only team to beat Bryan Station this year. It promises to be a good game; I urge you all to throw on something green and gold (and blue if you absolutely must) and head to Bryan Station Tuesday at 7:30.

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