26 December 2008

Round and About

1) DNA Fearmongering.

2) "U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves ruled that the public release of an FBI affidavit doesn't warrant dismissal of the charges, even though he acknowledged "the possibility" that grand jurors "may have been prejudiced" by the news reports it generated."

3) Here's a nightmare. An 8 year old commits murder which is clearly premeditated. What can you possibly do?

4) It's not legal to sneak mummified critters out of Egypt. Have fun in that Egyptian jail.

5) Al Capone's house is for sale for a mere $450,000.

6) ummm . . . Breaking into someone's house, finding your way to their bedroom, and going to sleep in your skivvies is frowned upon.


Anonymous said...

You're being sarcastic about the 8-year old's premeditated murder, right?

Have you seen the video of the interrogation? The "confession" will not stand.

I wrote about it here and here.

Ken Lammers said...

I had not seen the video. I was reasting to the facts in the article.

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay.