11 December 2008

Today's Tawdries

1) Who me? No, ah, no, I mean - You can't possibly believe that I offered the Governor with the unpronounceable name a bribe for Obama's seat. Not me. Nope. Never happened. *These aren't the droids you're looking for*

2) Specifically going to a school, hunting down the school resource officer who gave you a ticket for parking in the bus lane, screaming obscenities at him, calling him a racist, and threatening to kick him in the groin isn't disorderly conduct.

3) Two guys break into a house. One of them is shot dead by the home owner. The other is convicted of reckless homicide. Now, that's creative prosecution.

4) Who knew? Apparently, Virginia has been combing through old cases trying to prove people not guilty of that which they were convicted. And now "volunteer lawyers" are to notify inmates of "potential DNA evidence."

5) "Are Blagojevich tapes enough evidence to convict?" You're kidding. You've got to be kidding. Please tell me you're kidding.

6) Forget about the governor with the unpronounceable name. The Kentucky Governor is sending out illegal Christmas cards!!!

7) The yearly, stock story about how Texas and Virginia have the most executions. I think they just dust off the story, change a couple numbers and dates and send it to the printer.

8) Want to see how truly boring court can be? "Bond Denied for Sex Offender"

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