19 October 2003

Last Week - Death Cases:

(1) Better not kill a whole lot of people in Europe - you might get 17 years in prison.

(2) Jayson Williams' trial is moved because of pretrial publicity.

(3) In the Baylor basketball killing the Defendant has decided not to fight extradition.

(4) The Scott Peterson case is continued because his lawyer cannot be there.

(5) The prosecutors think that they have the murderer. The only problem is that DNA evidence at the scene points to another guy.

(6) Does the fact that you had two psychologists testify in the stead of one psychiatrist make representation of your client incompetent?

(7) The Sniper Cases:
(a) Muhammad pled not guilty.
(b) 13 jurors were chosen on the first day.
(c) On the second day only 7 jurors were chosen.
(d) When the jury was completed it had 10 women and five men (including three alternates). All but two of the jurors are white.
(e) Malvo has been subpoenaed for the trial.
(f) The Defense strategy for the trial is probably just to keep Muhammad alive.

(g) The judge in the Malvo case bars Defense witnesses by refusing to allow video testimony despite the fact that several cannot even come into the States.

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