19 November 2003

Sniper: Malvo:

(1) A picture of Malvo used in the Sun:

(2) The prosecution plays one of its strongest cards, a taped statement of Malvo talking about techniques and the killing of Dean Meyers. However, the tapes may not be as damning as a simple reading might lead one to believe. Jurors "were given transcripts because the sound was poor and Malvo's voice was soft." Not having heard the tapes myself, I don't know how to interpret that; softness of voice could indicate hesitancy, fear, regret, lack of knowledge, etc. And that could become especially relevant because "[u]nder cross-examination by Malvo's attorney, Walker admitted that Malvo got many facts of the Meyers shooting wrong. Meyers was shot in the shoulder, not in the head, and Malvo gave a wrong description of Meyers' car."

(3) From Hampton Roads Channel 13, a picture of the victim who was talked about the most on the tape:

(4) Even if the Defense could get ahold of her it does not appear as though Malvo's mother would be allowed into the country to testify now that no prosecutor needs her:
Malvo's attorney had to ask the lead prosecutor, Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan Jr., to support an application for a new parole for James. Horan declined.

Sources close to the case said that on Nov. 10, the opening day of Malvo's trial, defense attorneys presented Horan with a letter to Homeland Security requesting another parole for James. The sources said Horan told Malvo's attorneys that they should take the matter up with the federal government.
Because, we all know how interested "Homeland Security" is in helping a Defendant. And, BTW, way to seek justice.

(5) In what's basically a comment without elaboration, we know that Malvo knows what has happened to Muhammad.

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