28 May 2004

Why My Heartstrings Will Never Win

I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky but a twist of fate has landed me in Virginia to practice law. Most of the time I am content with my lot in life but every so often something happens which makes my heart yearn for my Old Kentucky Home, real basketball, the best bourbon, and the fastest horses.

This time it was watching CourTv. Yesterday they were showing a murder trial in Richmond, Kentucky (about 45 south of where I grew up). As I watched the closing arguments, the thing which hit home the most to me was how right the accents sounded. And the reasoning in the arguments (at least the Defense's) was stuff that just struck me as thoroughly Kentuckian. Homesickness hit like a wave.

Not that it matters much. Kentucky won't allow those who have passed the Virginia Bar to waive into the Kentucky Bar. Apparently Kentucky requires that the other State reciprocate and has a problem with Virginia - not sure why, the chart indicates that all Virginia requires is that other States reciprocate with it. Anyway, I'd have to take another bar exam, and I swore I'd never do that to myself again.

So I remain in Virginia - yet another member of the Orphan Brigade.

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