30 November 2007

Strange, Silly & Interesting

1) Okay, I understand stealing 180 kegs of Guinness, but 180 kegs of Bud too?

2) If you steal $20 worth of pizza in Eastpointe, Michigan they will summon SWAT to break down your front door.

3) Grandma / heroin kingpin fesses up that she hid the heroin on her grandchild.

4) The FBI gets its man, errr boy, in New Zealand.

5) Hey kids, if you sell your debit card and pin you will get caught.

6) Grand Larceny Tree.

7) In the UK organized crime operates on a whole different frequency: stealing discarded clothes.

8) Hiding under the floor won't fool the cops.

9) Texas guards now look fashionable.

10) Want to catch America's Top Ten? Draw them as cartoons.

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