17 April 2008

Drugs - 17APR08

1. Heroin use is on the rise.

2. "Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have shown that increasing the brain level of receptors for dopamine, a pleasure-related chemical, can reduce use of cocaine by 75 percent."

3. A deputy caught in a drug cartel.

4. Facebook and cocaine.

5. A woman uses a 5 year old's urine to pass a drug test and thus the police find out that the 5 year old has used cocaine.

6. "[B]abies exposed to cocaine in the womb may have long lasting brain changes -- especially males."

7. Ireland: 1/4 have used illegal drugs. 1/14 have used in the last year. 1/30 have used in the last month.

8. Teens are turning to tablets.

9. Inmate got the drugs into jail by swallowing them - and they got out of his system by . . .

10. Busting on "Just Say No." Pretty easy when you are talking about people already in deep trouble.

11. Don't bring crack to the courthouse.

12. Drugs smuggled in new shoes.

13. The first Central Utah Substance Abuse Conference was like a political rally against drugs.

14. Don't leave cocaine in your car when you get it detailed.

15. Spain is the largest user of cocaine in Europe.

16. The carjackers made me use.

17. Ghana, drug dealing car dealer, and claims against the police.

18. Azerbaijan: Where heroin gets thru to Europe.

19. 70 year old drug dealer.

20. "FAMILY homes across Wales are being used as hi-tech cannabis farms to fuel the country’s rocketing demand for the drug."

21. Kashmir: At a time when women literacy has improved a lot in the state, scores of girls and women have taken to drugs.

22. Labour MP calls for the legalization of hard drugs.

23. Colombian navy vs. drug labs.

24. "A MAN who suffered life-changing injuries in an horrific road crash claimed he used cocaine to help him cope with the pain, a court heard yesterday."

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