19 April 2008

Is the House Next Door a Marijuana Farm?

Some of the signs that may indicate there is a grow-op in your neighborhood include:

- a person bringing many small plastic pails into the house and yet you never see them gardening in the backyard using those containers.

- same thing applies to planting soil, plant food, peat moss etc.....

- bringing large lengths of tubing into the house. (This is used for irrigation)

- bringing large lighting fixtures, industrial size (These are used for artificial sunlight/warmth)

- hydro meters are tampered with. Many times the growers will cut into the hydro power avoiding the high cost of electricity involved in such an operation.

- all the windows in the house (usually basement) are boarded up or covered up in some way.

- condensation on the windows. These houses will have very high humidity.

- smell coming from the house. Noxious fumes can build up in a marijuana grow-op house thus needing it to be vented. It will be a very distinct smell.

- comings and goings at odd hours.

- sometimes it will appear as if nobody is living there yet there is always a small light or T.V,. left on in the house. The yard is not looked after, i.e. long grass, snow not being shoveled in winter.

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