27 September 2010

CLTV: Should the Government Give Defendants Vouchers Instead of a Court Appointed Attorney?

If you want a copy of this paper for yourself contact CATO at (202) 842-0200 or through the website www.cato.org.

Video quality not quite as high this week because it was going to take over 20 hours to upload. Consequently, I compressed it as a .mov and only had to spend an hour uploading it. And, yes, I know that I goofed at the end and didn't shrink the logo up into the corner, but ya'll had already seen enough of my ugly mug by then anyway. ;-)

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Bad Monkey said...

Man times are busy.

Just have the chance to write this quick series of thoughts. I checked out the Cato paper and have to say I think you're spot on its flaws.

I don't know how they could fix indignant defense, it does have some serious problems. But you're absolutely correct in what people think makes a good attorney. People have watched television shows and think that is what they should get. I loved Boston Legal (even with it's failings), but if I was ever on trial that is NOT the venue I would want.