15 October 2012

CrimLaw Roundup

1)  Virginia judges want nicer attorneys.  This story pops up once or twice a year and yet we attorneys remain obstreperous and contrary. Probably has something to do with the fact we have trials rather than inquisitions.

2)  If you fly from Japan to L.A. with a grenade, leg irons, and body bags, the police are going to want to talk to you.

3)  The President of Egypt tries to fire his Attorney General and gets told "Over my dead body." Literally.

4)  "Kid was in the right place, wrong side of the fence."  Warden's son caught burglarizing houses near the prison.

5)  Phones getting too secure to be hacked - by the government.

6)  Is having "Asperger's syndrome and [being] on the autism spectrum" enough to keep you from being extradited to the US for breaking into the Pentagon's computers?

7)  Australia starts sex offender website.

8)  Police enforcement of the anti-smoking ban in the strip clubs.

9)  In Japan, apparently if you want to film up a woman's skirt you just need to make sure you are on a plane so they can't figure out the proper jurisdiction.


David said...

Interesting how that guy was able to get on the plane packing that much, I can't even get on with a bottle of water.

Anonymous said...

The L.A. authorities clearly don't understand Gangnam Style.