27 February 2013

Where's The Novel?

Back in November, I started writing "Ambush in Barlette" as part of the November novel thing.  I cranked out eleven chapters that month and then continued with one in December and one in January.  Lately, I've had a couple people ask me when the next installment is coming and I have to say that it's not likely to be any time soon.

The first reason for this is that CLE season has started.  This year I will be teaching two separate CLE sections (three hours) myself and be participating in a third.  Two of these involve the changes in criminal case law and one is about the new criminal criminal laws passed by the General Assembly.  In order to do this, I have spent a lot of time summarizing case law and will do the same for the new statutes once the legislative process has gone far enough that it makes sense (the first few months other are entirely too many bills that are buried in committee).  Consequently, work on the novel has waned, although I do try to do a little work on it every day.

The second is that I am not writing linearly at this time.  I started with a very basic outline back in November; it had all of eight lines.  I wrote from that point until I got to appoint that a something more was needed.  A little stymied, I watched a some YouTube videos  about how to write a novel and got a few ideas.  I sat down and wrote out a more substantial outline, although it is still informal and less than two pages long. I also started working on the end of the novel so that I'd have exactly what I am working toward nailed down.  So far, I have written the epilogue and I shall start on the climactic scene soon.  Somehow, I don't think that most people would appreciate being told how everything ended before they've read the earlier chapters.  When I get back to the point of writing chapter 14 I'll post it.  It may just take me a while to get there.

The future: If I ever finish Ambush, I realize that it will need at least a couple passes through retuning it.  Maybe then I might do something as foolhardy as submit it to a publisher.  Who knows if I'll ever get that far, but I see Ambush as the first book in a trilogy.   The second book would be Death to Us All and the third would be Last Man Standing.

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