13 June 2013

The 5 Most Interesting New Laws in Virginia

It's that time of year again and the General Assembly's new laws are about to go into effect and here's the top five things that caught my attention.

1) The anti-cohabitation statute has been repealed. So, after 01 July it will be too late to file misdemeanor charges against that @#%$*@ who has moved in with your ex.

2) After a felony DUI conviction (the 3d), all DUI convictions are felonies.

3) "Foot-scooters" was substituted for "scooters" in a whole passel of statutes, but given exactly the same definition so there is no legal difference. They just decided to change the word.

4) Mopeds are now going to need Titles, Registrations, and License plates. However, officers will not be able to enforce against this until next year.

5) Virginia law enforcement is banned from using drones until 2015, "except in amber alerts, senior alerts, blue alerts, for search and rescue operations, or training exercises for these."

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