28 November 2015

An Article 4 Free Inhabitant Doesn't Have to Have a License

Cudos to this officer. He remains calm throughout the entire incident in the face of incoherent babbling about **THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION** and even when she starts screaming "rape" when he removes her from the car. [ignore the title of the video; this is not about feminism]


Anonymous said...

Compared to most California cops, he was patient. So, for that I want to thank him. What troubles me though, is that the cop said he didn't have any proof or reason to think the woman had committed a crime. So, why was he detaining her after she said she was leaving? Oh wait, the Supreme Court just said that citizen's can legally be arrested for not committing a crime, if the cop has a "reasonable" ignorance of the law.

Ken Lammers said...

Doesn't even need reasonable ignorance of the law. There's all sort of cases out there that state a passenger can be detained while the driver is being investigated / arrested and the officer is allowed to get passengers out of the car to ensure officer safety (deny access to any weapons in the car) and he is allowed to require passengers to give him ID's.