16 November 2003

This week's strangest burglary.

Although, I guess that technically, under the common law definition1, it's not a burglary but a B&E and a grand larceny.

1 Breaking and entering the dwelling place of another at night with the intent to commit a felony therein. I want to thank Prof. Groot at W&L for making sure all his Criminal Law students memorized the common law definition of various crimes. I wasn't in his class - my Criminal Law professor spent almost the entire semester on homocide and the model penal code (which is oh so useful when I'm actually in a criminal court) - however, my roommate (Brandon Marzo, who's now working for Big Brother in Atlanta) did and he would say the definitions over and over and over again so that even someone as dull-witted as me eventually remembered a few of them.

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