24 August 2007

A Police Officer in the Aftermath of a Mini-Riot

"I mention the brawl for two reasons: the first is that, having spoken to about five key witnesses over the phone, there’s absolutely no prospect of getting any conviction. The offender is variously described as wearing a white or black top with dark or light trousers, his build ranges from medium to stocky, and he is somewhere between 5’ and 6’ tall. Oh, and he's got blonde/dark/no hair. The witnesses describe themselves as either 'drunk' or 'merry.' The circumstances are generally agreed to be, '…and the next thing I knew, they were all fighting.'"

"The second reason I mention this fight is that it's the parents are just about to make a complaint about me and I don't need the paperwork right now. The kids seem to be fairly realistic about the whole thing, but the parents think it's my fault that they all got drunk and started fighting."

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