08 August 2007

A W&L LawProf Blogging

Whadoyaknow!?! There's a law professor from good old W&L who's blogging over at Concurring Opinions (even if they forgot her for a while).

Melissa A. Waters wasn't at W&L Law when I was getting learned there. OMG, look at that CV. That would give anybody an inferiority complex. It makes my resume look kinda pitiful. And, believe you me, I went thru and tried to make my resume as impressive as possible before I posted it after that; it still pales in comparison.

She looks like an interesting person and probably a great professor. I'd say that I'd like to meet her, but for two things. First, looking at her record, I suspect she is several orders of magnitude intellectually above this poor bumpkin; I'd hate to make her have to spend several painful minutes trying to being polite while I was saying things which roughly translated as "UG! Ken like law. UG! Ken am good at it" ('cuz, ya know every guy has to puff his chest in female company). Second, considering my life history and her works, I suspect that if we were in the same room for too long one of us might spontaneously combust. Of course, assuming God is just, that probably means the short, round, bispectacled guy with the shaved head would go boom. And, if I blew up all my creditors would be orphaned. Can't have that.


Stephen said...

"Acting Director of War Crimes Research Office"?


"Member of President Clinton’s legal defense team."?

You take the above and add them to the three pages of publications and memberships and it makes my "semi-finalist, moot mourt competition" seem kinda week!

Kirk Chavez said...

Ken, c'mon man, we can't have you putting yourself down like that. Gotta learn to puff out your chest in front of women, and on your own blog.

This is your homefield, baby. Take control.


Stephen said...

week = weAk... my bad