14 September 2008

Righteous Kill

5 Second Review: Fair to middlin'.

30 Second Review: Two veteran detectives find themselves under the microscope when someone starts killing any of their offenders who are not convicted. Two young detectives come in and start accusing one of the Vets of being the killer. Bedlam ensues.

2 Minute Review: Across the board, all the actors in this movie turn in excellent performances. However, the bait-and-switch is obvious and the end was obvious long before it came. I did not see exactly how the resolution would occur and something happens toward the end which is meant to be shocking, but was more perplexing than anything else. A character acts inconsistently with that character's prior actions and throws an extra, unnecessarily distracting element into what could have been a far more psychologically interesting ending. If you like these actors or this kind of movie go see it - if not save your pennies for another flick.

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