12 September 2008

What's That Mean?

I'm in the hall after a brief hearing in court. Defendant walks past me with his girlfriend and stops to ask me a question. I tell him twice that he shouldn't talk to to me and he needs to get a defense attorney to ask questions. He persists and I try a third time: "Look, I'm on the other side. Go talk to a defense attorney."

At which time, Girlfriend, who had walked on about 10 feet, whirls and says in a voice which could blister paint, "Don't talk to him!! You're paying for his kids' Christmas! We'll go talk to John Smith. His office is across the street."

Defendant looks embarrassed, tells me thanks, and turns, following Girlfriend out of the building.

As for me, I'm left standing there wondering how my (non-existent) kids are having their Christmas paid for by this guy.


Blonde Justice said...

That is totally true.

They probably have a savings account where they set aside money for your future kids' Christmases. Then when you have kids someday, they're going to buy presents, and bring them down the chimney at night.

Why, obviously, that was Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus that you refused to speak to!

I bet you said "Bah Humbug!" too!

Windypundit said...

Maybe she thinks you get paid for piecework...

Anonymous said...

Maybe she thinks the prosecutor gets to keep the asset forfeiture money for himself if he wins the case.