10 October 2008

How & Why People Get to CrimLaw

At random intervals over the last week or so, I've been checking to see what people are searching for to bring them to CrimLaw. On six occasions I printed out the twenty most recent searches. Tabulating the results, here are the top five:
1. Puerto Rico Flag (from a picture in an old post – Google images seems to have fixated on this picture)
2. Methadone
3. Malicious Wounding
4. The Bluegrass Conspiracy
5. Lammers
Other queries:

On two different occasions people came to the site looking for pictures of naked men (kinda creepy). Not sure what would make someone think my blawg would be a good place to search for that but one searcher was pretty specific "naked pictures of john smith NOT blacked out."

"can they revoke probation for not paying restitution in indiana"

"courtroom fashion tips female"
Dress sexy. Who cares if the judge finds you in contempt? You'll be the highlight of the day for all the bored male attorneys.

"5 commonly use to drugs"
Ummm . . . basically there are just two: medicinal and abusive.

"things people steal from work"
Whatever isn't nailed down.

I'd be interested in seeing that myself.

Anything I dang well please.

"all defense witnesses take the 5th"
Making my day so much easier.

"bench trial how long do they last"
Until they're over. Silly question.


Anonymous said...

that coutroom fashion tips question was from me. After all, you are a TV star and should know about that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

You can ask any question you want, eh? Must be nice.

Y^ou seem to have gotten pretty used to that ole judge overruling every defense objectionby now, but I bet it used to p*ss you off when you wore the white hat...


Ken Lammers said...

We can all ask whatever question we dang well want to. It doesn't mean any of us are entitled to an answer.

As for the judge overruling every objection against me, I moved from doing defense in one of Virginia's most conservative jurisdictions to doing prosecution in one that's not so much. Not getting every ruling my way. Heck, I'm not sure I'm at 50%.