18 January 2010

Around the World & Near to Home

1) Wonderful, a brand new way to make meth.

2) The much vaunted "can't arrest a naked person defense."

3) The Board of Governors of the Kentucky Bar Association has voted to disbar Melbourne Mills Jr. I know this doesn't mean much to those of you who didn't grow up in Kentucky, but it's the only lawyer's name that stuck with me from my youth. I think the reason was that he did a bunch of commercials (was he the guy that shot a raybeam from his hand at a dinosaur?).

4) On his way out the door, Governor Kaine agrees to let a murderer go back to Germany causing a ruckus over whether the murderer could get the parole there that he can't get here.

1 comment:

DGJ said...

A nice fifth one would be that, on his way out, Kaine also ignored strong pressure from his liberal base (not that he's elected anymore) to mass-restore former felons' voting rights.