05 July 2010

Yeah, I changed the layout
What's it to you?

Yeesh. I must be channeling a Yankee.

Anyway, it has been forever since I changed the layout hereabouts. I used to change the layout here every couple months, but then I found a layout which worked pretty well and got tired of trying to keep up with the continuing complications in programming. I won't give examples because every time I do I get ten emails telling that it is necessary to make programming more difficult.

Still, this weekend I had too much time on my hands. I drove down to Kingsport and watched the Kingsport Mets get slaughtered by the Pulaski Mariners (14-4, next time I'll go to a Bristol Sox game instead). I read all 580 pages of the new David Weber book, Mission of Honor. I put the finishing bits on a website I built for someone else (but am not sure they want me to link to) and fiddled around with creating a new blog (True Review) to review fun stuff. And I still had too much time on my hands, so ya'll have a new version of CrimLaw to look at. Enjoy!

BTW, ya'll are lucky that Viddler crashed and burned. If it hadn't you'd probably be seeing a vid here. If any of you are desperate enough that you want to see my ugly mug in motion, point me to any vid site that will let me have 20-30 minutes.

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