03 April 2011

Around the Web

1) States are passing "no refusal" laws which require prosecutors and judges to be available when DUI checkpoints are going on so that instant warrants can be issued when people refuse breath/blood tests. ~ I think Virginia handles this better with the civil refusal charge that takes a person's license for a year if they don't submit to the test.

2) Fairfax police have gotten the 1st runner up "Black Hole Award" for refusing to turn over information to the press about possible officer wrong-doing.

3) This story is best summarized by the shirt.

4) Pills aren't just being sold and abused in the mountains.

5) Want to get rid of young, thuggish loiterers? Play loud, classical music.

6) Should prosecutors be taped when they talk to suspects? (Japan)

7) New stricter anti-protester laws in Egypt. (um . . . should we tell them it's too late?)

8) Someone is breaking into attorney offices in Bristol, Va., but no on is sure why.

9) The Reds are on top of the Central (celebrate while you still can).

10) The very height of investigative journalism: the courthouse roof is leaking.

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