29 October 2011

Those Are Cameras in Those Black Bubbles on the Ceiling

Whenever you go into any kind of store nowadays you see black or silver bubbles on the ceiling. For those of you who don't know, inside those bubbles are cameras thru which store security watches potential shoplifters (and employees). I say "for those of you who don't know" because there are obviously people too dumb to realize that their every move is being watched as they stuff merchandise in their coats and down their pants. I've seen any number of tapes of this in cases I've been involved in. Here's a typical video of the type which I found on YouTube (two young punks almost too dumb to breathe filmed trying to steal everything that isn't nailed down):

Now here's a guy who knows he's being watched by the camera and who decided to play a prank on some people he used to work with (don't try this at home kiddies):

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