07 November 2013

So, I promised a New Story . . .

I promised a new story this month and I really haven't been able to get it written so far. For the moment I am going to set aside Scratch Esquire. I may come back to it sometime soon. However, in the mean time I am going fill some space here with an old attempt I made years back: Survivor.

Survivor is probably best characterized as "young adult urban fantasy" and it's about a police officer who gets assigned the supernatural beat in the Northside of Lexington, Kentucky. It's been sitting in the Abandoned Novels file on my hard drive for a long time now along with a bunch of old attempts.  I don't have any delusions that it's great writing; it's just a bit of fun that I am going to share. For those of you not into "young adult urban fantasy" feel free to skip these posts and I promise I will eventually get back to Ambush in Bartlette.

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