20 November 2013

Survivor: Chapter Three (Urban Fantasy)

When they got back to the station, Sanchez walked Dixon straight into the Captain's office. Captain Long was sitting at his table working through a pile of papers when she shoved open the door.

“We got problems, Arnie. Beatrice predicted this kid to be 'the Survivor.'”

The Captain stood and his face started to cloud with anger. “You took Corporal Dixon to Beatrice for a prediction?”

“No. Hell no. I took the kid to Wheeler's Pharmacy for lunch. You know I eat there. I'd already shown him the siren, dwarves, elves, and that goofy sorcerer at U.K. Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and get lunch while showing him a fate and ogre. When Beatrice met him she just went nuts and predicted him to be the Survivor. Woulda never let him within ten miles of her if I thought something like that might happen. Had to turn her over to the Michaels. Probation violation.”

“I couldn't care less about your friend getting locked back up, Sergeant. Does anyone know she's predicted him?”

“Pretty sure it's out, Captain.” Sanchez pointed and they all looked through the glass window in the Captain's door. Someone had drawn a Superman “S” over top of Dixon's name on his whiteboard. Someone else had written in “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”

“Great, Just great.” The Captain sat back down. “That looks like Meiers' handwriting and if that idiot has already found out then every troll, demon, and minor league sorcerer in Lexington knows. It'll be all over Kentucky in a week. God help us when the news gets to Louisville. We've managed to keep that group of miscreants bottled up there for decades, but there'll be all sorts of supernaturals who will feel the need to come down and take their shot.”

“Dixon, has Sergeant Sanchez told you what's going on yet?”

“No, sir. We spent the morning doing so many things and I haven't been able to compute it all. She didn't need to pile more on me.”

“Good instincts Corporal. It's good to see someone covering his partner's back,” the Captain gave Sanchez a withering look, “even when she's screwed up royally.”

“Corporal, there are certain people who come through supernatural encounters better than others. We don't know if they are magical or blessed or just a joke of fate. We do know they've been around forever. After you got the drop on and killed three ghouls, without even knowing what you were facing, we were pretty sure that you were a survivor. Now, we know.”

“Supernaturals tend to at least be wary of survivors. Survivors are the evil characters in the fairy tales they tell their young. Of course, in their version the survivor always gets it in the end.” The Captain smiled. “My research tells a different story. Every survivor I've been able to identify has given the supernaturals fits and dies of old age or natural causes. We think there are three in Lexington PD; you were the only one I was able to get transferred to CIS. Nobody fights too hard for an out of shape officer who sits at a desk - even after he's just done something accidentally heroic.”

“Anyway, there's a myth they all know about 'The Survivor.' Supposedly, once every generation or so, just before a major supernatural catastrophe, The Survivor appears. Sometimes he stops the catastrophe; sometimes he mitigates it; in any event, he kills a bunch of supernaturals. They don't like that. Beatrice made you public enemy number one for every supernatural this side of that walking disaster zone in Chicago. Every supernatural thug who wants to make a name for himself will take a run at you.”

“Captain, are you saying I'm Buffy?”

You wish. You don't get any special abilities. You won't be any faster, stronger, or instantly have a black belt. You're just you and everything they try to do to hurt you will fail or backfire. Picture yourself more as the Roadrunner and all the supernaturals as a whole bunch of Wile E. Coyoties.”

The Captain cocked his head in thought. “Aaand, I can't let anything like that kind of mayhem and destruction happen on the Southside. Looks like you're getting our Northside patrol Corporal Dixon.”

Dixon was a little surprised at how blatant that was. “Okay, Captain. I grew up in Rookwood and that's where I was stationed before. I know the area pretty good. Am I still partnered with Sergeant Sanchez?”

“No. The Northside patrol is a solo. You'll replace Lieutenant Meiers and he'll brief you on any activity he's been keeping an eye on. He should have a list of the names and numbers of local supernatural community leaders. You'll start tomorrow.”

With that, the Captain dismissed them from his office. As they walked out, Dixon's head was spinning. Fairy tale monsters were real and they were his beat. He sat at his desk and stared off into space until he noticed Sanchez was sitting across from him with a huge grin on her face. He looked a confused question at her.

“Ducky, wouldn't you like to know who the ogre was?”

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