04 December 2019

Proposed Firearms Laws (Virginia) - The Remainder

Day four (part three) of looking at the bills which several members of the Virginia General Assembly have proposed become laws restricting firearm ownership and use. From the Senate there are Bills 12141618, and 22 from Senator Saslaw; 13 and 15 (Senator Ebbin); 35 (Senator Surovell); 51 (Senator Spruill); 67 (Senator McClellan); 69 (Senator Locke); & 70 and 71 (Senator Lucas).  From the House there are Bills 2 (Delegate Plum) and 9 (Delegate Bourne). As stated previously, I know that's a ton of bills; I expect many to fail, get changed, get merged, etc. Generally, I would wait until the actual laws have been passed. However, because of the great amount of interest I'm going to look at these as they are in their larval bill state.

Limitations on Pistol Purchases:

SB22 (Saslaw) and SB69 (Locke) - § 18.2-308.2:2(R) - A person can only buy one pistol every 30 days. Violation is a class 1 misdemeanor (up to 12 months).

Reporting Stolen Firearms:

HB9 (Del. Bourne) and SB67 (Sen. McClellan) - § 18.2-287.5 - Failure to report a lost or stolen firearm to law enforcement within 24 hours of realizing it's gone is subject to a penalty of up to $250.

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