04 December 2019

Proposed Firearm Laws (Virginia)

Over the last few days, I've been summarizing the bills which are being put forth to restrict firearm ownership in the General Assembly of Virginia that have been proposed so far. More may be proposed, but I think the core of the proposals are already in place. These are merely bills at this point and I don't know the probability of any passing, but with the high level of interest and the kind of exaggeration or misunderstanding I see in social media I thought an actual summary of what everyone is talking about might be useful.

Here's an index of the posts:

1.  Firearms to be made illegal.

2.  New age limitations.

3.  Limitations on magazines and triggers.

4.  Newly forbidden locations.

5.  Background checks.

6.  Purchase limitations.

7.  The Right to Bear Arms under the Virginia Constitution.

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