10 August 2021

Starting Back In with the 'vid

We've been required to wear masks again this week even if we did the right thing and got our shots. Here are the stats:

01 July 2021

New Virginia Criminal Laws 2021

This is my update as given to the local bar. The officers got a different update because they didn't need as much of an update on sentencing issues. When I did this I'd updated several departments and the parts I'd gone over with them are the smooth parts. The parts where I'm really umm umming are the ones I'd not done until this day.

If you want the typed breakdowns then go to kenlammers.com and you can find both the one I did for the officers and the one I did for this presentation to the attorneys. They are different because I did discuss different things with each group.

18 March 2021

High Point of the Day

I just heard a defense attorney ask a witness if he had “ever been convicted of a crime involving lying, steating, and chealing?”