30 April 2008

Why there are no cameras in the Supreme Court

Generally, I am a believer that all court proceedings, including the federal supreme court, should be televised. However, there is a persuasive argument that in appellate courts - particularly the federal supreme court - there are those who would grandstand instead of arguing the points. Personally, while I recognize this type of behavior is a possibility, I think that the benefits of an open court outweigh it.

All that said, here is the nightmare scenario given form.

Why She Prosecutes
Race and Prosecution

Felicia J. Nu’Man, a Louisville prosecutor, explains why she prosecutes.

28 April 2008

27 April 2008

Tag Clouds

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26 April 2008

The Spirit

Y'know, I understand the urge to bring back old time heroes. However, that is just creepy.

23 April 2008

Lycurgus is Spinning in His Grave:
Moore v. Virginia - State Officers Don't Have to Follow State Law

Moore v. Virginia, in which a Virginia Officer made an arrest which was clearly illegal under Virginia law, the federal supreme court has ruled that there is no remedy under the constitution.

Citizens of the United States are not protected when the government breaks its own laws unless the government has granted them protections (either by law or constitution).

And what about the Virginia Supreme Court's finding, in its decision as final arbiter of Virginia law, that the required issuance of a summons is a citation? The federal supreme court doesn't even address it.

A disturbing opinion.

Police Get to a Grow House Too Late

But, it was all for personal, medicinal use.

10 Years of Illegal Tickets

Will a "good faith" violation of the law allow the city to keep the money it got from 10 years of illegal tickets?

Kentucky's Head PD Retiring

After 31 years.

5 Years for Fruit Theft

I guess 17 fruit theft convictions were too many.

Drugged Up Children

Caocaine and tranquilizers in a 3 year old and 16 month old.

There are Reasons You Don't Give Inmates Access to Computers

They tend to steal things.

Misuse of Database Leads to Officer's Conviction

He checked to see who was following someone at his mosque. It was the FBI.

Detroit Officer Accused by Hitman, Freed by DA

He was freed because there was no evidence - other than the hitman's statement, that the officer payed to have his wife killed.

Chicago's Turning Bloody

7 killed over the last weeked and "[t]wenty-four of the city's public school children have been slain since the academic year began in August; 21 of them were killed by shootings."

Vampires, Whips, and Rape

Strange stuff.

Urban "New Lawyer" Myth Brought to Life

It's an urban legend we've all gotten thru an email sometime. Brand New Lawyer has just passed the Bar when he has some sort of confrontation with an Officer. Having just spent 3 years in law school and 3 months studying for the Bar Brand New Lawyer knows every nook and cranny of the law and spins the encounter round on the Officer.

Meet Eric Bryant, the man living the urban myth.

I wonder how well this will turn out for Mr. Bryant.

Marjuana Should Not be Legal

This is fun to read as much for the comments as anything else.

Any time someone makes a comment like that it brings out the true believers.

Now that Lethal Injection is Constitutional

States have started back up their death sentence processes.

Here's a Surefire Way to Get Out of Jury Duty

Show up drunk.

Canada: Police Breaking the Law

Authorized by parliment in 2002 and now up for review.

Ask Instead How the Guys at the Lab Sleep

Because, if they told me there was 1,000 times the normal level of arsenic in a body I'd be convinced there was a murder.

Oops, their bad.

Begging to go to Prison

"A drug addict who stole vodka and a milkshake from Elland Co-op begged a judge to send him to jail to help keep him away from heroin."

22 April 2008

Black Widows Convicted Again

Insured more homeless men and killed them.

Scotland Yard Takes Extraordinary Steps to Get Its Men

It set up an investigation off site. It excluded Freemasons. And in the end it charged an officer involved in the original investigation.

Irish Politician Gets Slammed

After writing a letter in favor of a convicted rapist.

A Really Stupid Way to Steal Gasoline

By punching holes in the gas tank.

Nerves of Steel

Returing to the deli to get his change after he tried to rob it.

Stealing Copper from a Church

While destroying its air conditioner.

Final Warning

It's never good when the judge writes that on your record.

Angel Theft

This can't be good for the soul.

Can't Hide Drugs, Even There

Found in bra and wig.

I did more crime. I should get less time.

Somehow, the judge didn't see it that way.

Thieves Break Into DoJ & Steal Underwear

In the Philippines.

Hitman Fingers Officer

Says officer paid for the murder of his wife.

Drugs: Legalization or Not?

Arguments for both sides from LA Times.

Beaten Down by a 76 Year Old

Some people don't take kindly to being robbed.

This is CNN

Too wierd.

DOJ: Criminal Conflict of Interest

A former Deputy Chief of Staff for the Criminal Division is charged.

Burglaries Up in the District

There's been a 21% increase in burglaries in DC.

Mexican Army Takes Over Police Duties & Crime Increases

The Mexican Army moved into a border town because the police were too few and too corrupt to stop the drug trade. However, after the Army got there the police stopped working and all sorts of crime started.

21 April 2008

Pot U.

Teaching people how to open and run pot shops.

In the UK Grand Theft Auto is Child's Play

All the way down to an 8 year old stealing a lorry (that's a truck for those of us in the US).

Cocaine in Art

Didn't quite make it into the country.

Can Your Car tell You When You Are About to Get Robbed?

It will if Honda has any say in the matter.

Military Problem with Rape

Congress is concerned about how the military is handling rape cases.

You're Still a Heroin Dealer

Even if you're only "standing in."

Is it Constitutional to Shoot Criminals in South Africa?

Maybe . . . Maybe not.

Barney Frank Endorses Marijuana

Introduces a bill to legalize for users and small time distributors.

Expanding DNA Collection

The Feds are going to start taking DNA without convictions.

Australian Doctor Calls for Legalization

of all drugs.

Crime Mums

I'm confused. In Australia flowers bear criminals as fruit and give interviews?

Indoor Grows Hazardous

Exposure to indoor marijuana grows is making officers sick.

Metal Theft: Lead

Stolen from a church roof.

Stolen Card Connection: Texas to India

One would suspect that an American name would probably not match the guy's ID.

Thou Shalt Not Steal From the Police

At least not to build a bed.

Stealing From Firemen

Thief takes a $500 protective coat while the fireman were there.

Can Statements of the Murdered be Used?

Obviously yes if the object of the murder was to keep the victim silent, but what if that wasn't the intent? Does Crawford require exclusion because the dead victim cannot be cross examined?

M&M Thief

Or at least attempted M&M thief.

Second Tier Physicians' Group Endorses Marijuana

The American College of Physicians endorses moving marijuana from schedule 1.

NY: Should All 3d Misdemeanors in 10 be a Felony?

Marcus Molinaro introduced the Chronic Criminal Act to make 3d misdemeanor offenses within 10 years a felony. Not a terribly bad idea (if traffic offenses aren't included), but it appears dead in committee.

20 April 2008

Judge in the Polygamy Case

Barbara "No Nonsense" Walther.

Manslaughter by Heroin

Woman lets her daughter die of a geroin overdose.

Homicide by Heroin

Reckless homicide for distributing the heroin that killed.

Cheese Heroin Distribution

10 years in federal prison.

Stop the Heroin Blocker

Urging the cessation of the stomach heroin blocker.

Grand Theft Bees

Or an attempt -for some reason they didn't complete the act.

Can't Trust Anyone: Nurse Thief

While people were critically ill in the hospital she stole their keys and burgled their homes.

Fake Kidnapping

"The Kurla police have arrested a 34-year-old man for faking his own kidnapping by unidentified policemen and stealing Rs 45,000 which was to be deposited in his friend's bank account."

What Exactly is Going on at the North Pole?

Conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Attempting to Escape a Courtroom

It probably wouldn't have been a good idea even if he'd made it thru the 7th floor window.

Canada< DUI's, and the Removal of the Possibility of Innocence

Can't call a witness to say someone might or might not have been drunk.

If You're Going to Smuggle Marijuana in Your Car

It might not be the smartest thing in the world to store it where it will catch fire.

Go Cold Turkey in Jail

Get paid by the government for your troubles.

How Bad Off Are You

When both the police and Hell's Angels are telling you to lay off the cocaine?

You Can't Make This Up

A high police officer breaks into a car to steal the stereo, but the seats are too comfortable and he falls asleep.

Grand Theft Croc

My primary question is, "Why?"

Police Accidently Raid 50 Year Old's House

"Police declined to say how she reacted."

Hard to Prosecute a Rape

When the woman has previously cried wolf.

Rape or Falling Out Among Thieves?

Pakistan - Woman accuses co-robber of rape and blackmail.

Mom Gets Clued in to Daughter's Marijuana Use

and turns her in to the police.

Too Fat to be Jailed

But he was healthy enough to bust a window over a guy's head.

If You Advertise for Murder on CraigsList

You're not going to have much of a defense.

Asset Seizures = Rugby

At least in Scotland.

Ambulance theft

leads to need for an ambulance (suicide attempt).

Rape or Drug Dealing - In Saudia There is Only One Option

Death by beheading.

Once an Officer's Retired

Why would you try to kill him?

Maternal Betrayal and Rape

Mom holds down 13 year old daughter for man.

Officer Sentenced for Dealing Drugs

10 years.

Force the Door

A rape victim scrawls this message on the window to get the police to come rescue her.

19 April 2008

In a Different Part of the US

"We cannot emphasize enough: these are individuals charged with felonies. The criminal statutes of this state are not so sacrosanct, nor is our pursuit of judicial economy so preeminent, that we will endorse the trampling of citizens’ rights in pursuit of either. A citizen should not have to endure or defend a felony prosecution premised upon an unconstitutional statute. Our precedents do not hold otherwise."

Illinois v. Carpenter

Televising an Execution

Japanese TV is going to televise a hanging.

Pretending to be the IRS

Phishers are pretty much scum of the Earth, but I must admit that it takes big brass *ahem* "moxy" to pretend you're the IRS in your phishing scam.

Egg Thief

Yes, he has a drug problem.

Steal Rare Coins if You Must . . .

. . . just don"t try to get the guy you stole them from to keep them for you.

If You're Dumb Enough to Steal the Judge's Robes

You probably deserve the 3 years you get in prison.

Grand Theft Gator

On video, no less.

If You Steal a Police Car . . .

. . . they will find you.

No, You Can't Subpoena the Vice-President

Yelling something at the Vice-President and getting arrested doesn't give you the right to subpoena him.

Want a TV?

Just pick one up and walk out the door.

DNA Non-Match 23 Years Later

Man released after 23 years on a rape charge.

It Wasn't Rape

Just murder and necrophilia.

If You Keep Stealing from the Same Place . . .

. . . guess what happens?

Australia: Rape Trial Rules

"The NSW government wants the NSW Bar Association to toughen up its regulations and to discipline barristers who directly or incidentally harass or embarrass victims in the witness box."

Modern Car Nontheft

The kid stole the key, but couldn't quite get the car (or even get out of the car).

Copper Theft: Sabotage of War Materials Charges

Stealing bullets meant for the troops.

Copper Theft + Live Wires =

Yep, he zapped himself.

No, It's not Medical, It's Religious

Marijuana, that is.

B&E at Grow House

It may not be a good idea to report that B&E if you're growing a cash crop in the house.

Feds Bust Indoor Pot Growing Op

6,848 plants.

Is the House Next Door a Marijuana Farm?

Some of the signs that may indicate there is a grow-op in your neighborhood include:

- a person bringing many small plastic pails into the house and yet you never see them gardening in the backyard using those containers.

- same thing applies to planting soil, plant food, peat moss etc.....

- bringing large lengths of tubing into the house. (This is used for irrigation)

- bringing large lighting fixtures, industrial size (These are used for artificial sunlight/warmth)

- hydro meters are tampered with. Many times the growers will cut into the hydro power avoiding the high cost of electricity involved in such an operation.

- all the windows in the house (usually basement) are boarded up or covered up in some way.

- condensation on the windows. These houses will have very high humidity.

- smell coming from the house. Noxious fumes can build up in a marijuana grow-op house thus needing it to be vented. It will be a very distinct smell.

- comings and goings at odd hours.

- sometimes it will appear as if nobody is living there yet there is always a small light or T.V,. left on in the house. The yard is not looked after, i.e. long grass, snow not being shoveled in winter.

Lethal Injections Okayed

US Supremes say Kentucky can continue to use the death penalty.

Big Brother in UK

Using cameras to spy on a family to see if they qualified to go to a school.

Is it Violent to Drink and Drive?

No. At least not federally.

17 April 2008

Drugs - 17APR08

1. Heroin use is on the rise.

2. "Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have shown that increasing the brain level of receptors for dopamine, a pleasure-related chemical, can reduce use of cocaine by 75 percent."

3. A deputy caught in a drug cartel.

4. Facebook and cocaine.

5. A woman uses a 5 year old's urine to pass a drug test and thus the police find out that the 5 year old has used cocaine.

6. "[B]abies exposed to cocaine in the womb may have long lasting brain changes -- especially males."

7. Ireland: 1/4 have used illegal drugs. 1/14 have used in the last year. 1/30 have used in the last month.

8. Teens are turning to tablets.

9. Inmate got the drugs into jail by swallowing them - and they got out of his system by . . .

10. Busting on "Just Say No." Pretty easy when you are talking about people already in deep trouble.

11. Don't bring crack to the courthouse.

12. Drugs smuggled in new shoes.

13. The first Central Utah Substance Abuse Conference was like a political rally against drugs.

14. Don't leave cocaine in your car when you get it detailed.

15. Spain is the largest user of cocaine in Europe.

16. The carjackers made me use.

17. Ghana, drug dealing car dealer, and claims against the police.

18. Azerbaijan: Where heroin gets thru to Europe.

19. 70 year old drug dealer.

20. "FAMILY homes across Wales are being used as hi-tech cannabis farms to fuel the country’s rocketing demand for the drug."

21. Kashmir: At a time when women literacy has improved a lot in the state, scores of girls and women have taken to drugs.

22. Labour MP calls for the legalization of hard drugs.

23. Colombian navy vs. drug labs.

24. "A MAN who suffered life-changing injuries in an horrific road crash claimed he used cocaine to help him cope with the pain, a court heard yesterday."

16 April 2008


1. Getting run over by the truck he stole.

2. Can't steal birthday gifts for your kid.

3. 100 corruption cases in Kazakhastan.

4. More crime and fewer officers.

5. More scams against senior citizens.

6. Politician:
I want to assure the police station commissioners and policemen and women from these areas that they have permission to kill these criminals.

I won’t tolerate any pathetic excuses for you not being able to deal with crime. You have been given guns, now use them.
7. "The impact of the crime in India is that today more and more people report that they keep some kind of self-protection at home; watchdogs are becoming as popular as the friendly family pet. Vigilante groups and private security agencies are flourishing. Even in the national capital not only women prefer to stay off the streets at night, but parents also feel insure about the safety of their children."

8. Smirking thug gets probation.

9. Regurgitation leads to DNA arrest.

10. Crime up 8%.

11. Crime down 10%.

12. Drug theft by sword.

13. Stealing a police officer's sidearm isn't the greatest idea.

Metal Theft

1. Death during copper theft from roof.

2. Steal the fence, ignore the cars.

3. Theft from cemetery.

4. Copper thief kills radio station.

5. Electrocuted stealing cable.


1) Forcing a 2 year old to smoke.

2) "The vast majority of people in Brazil believe smoking marijuana should remain a crime."

3) Algerian marijuana confiscation up 592%.

4) Mexico provides the most marijuana to the US. (duh)

14 April 2008

CLTV 23: Pd's and MPRE's - WWJD?

New post by a healthier me (although, I cut out a couple coughing fits).

Can lawyers be ethical? Must defense attorneys be propitiation? And what about those PD offices? (which might as well be a religious discussion)


10 April 2008

Sometimes Burglary's Just a Bad Idea

Especially if the home owner is a female boxer with an ice scraper.

Drugs in the News

1) Interior Minister Prince Naif yesterday urged everybody to cooperate in the Kingdom's fight against drugs. "Drugs are more dangerous than wars and catastrophes," the Saudi Press Agency quoted the prince as saying.

2) "Drug prohibition helps the U.S. maintain a racial apartheid prison-industrial complex."

3) Police foiled a bid to smuggle high quality charas to Punjab and arrested the alleged supplier on Tuesday.

4) The SDU has uncovered intelligence that Chinese-sourced chemical precursors, such as PMK, were being shipped to the Netherlands to turn into pills to export to Australia or smuggled into Australia for local ecstasy production.

5) [The heroin dealer] was initially co-operative his manner soon changed and he then refused to remove his hand from his genital area.

6) We found [heroin] for sale within 26 minutes of arriving in central Hove.

7) "Marijuana is among the most frequently used illicit drugs by women during their childbearing years and there is growing concern that marijuana abuse during pregnancy, either alone or in combination with other drugs, may have serious effects on fetal brain development. There is strong evidence that THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, crosses the placenta, that maternal marijuana abuse results in intrauterine growth retardation and that infants exposed to marijuana exhibit a temporary syndrome that includes lethargy and decreased muscle tone. Fetal exposure to THC can also result in attention deficits, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. A new study using rats found that THC combined with mildly intoxicating doses of alcohol induced widespread nerve cell death in the brain. The study is published in the Annals of Neurology, the official journal of the American Neurological Association."

8) Drug dealers looking for extra profits apparently added lead flakes to packets of marijuana, inflating their value while causing dozens of cases of serious poisoning.

9) The next marijuana.

10) An Accra circuit court on Wednesday remanded into prison custody a businessman who expelled 68 pellets of drugs suspected to be cocaine.

11) Cocaine and benzos in a 2 year old.

08 April 2008

I'm Harboring a Semi-Felon

A while back I told ya'll that I inherited a dog when my neighbor moved out without taking his dog. Yesterday, while I was talking to my landlord, I asked him what happened that Neighbor moved out so quickly.

"I don't know. All I know is that they were taken out by the Troopers. I didn't know anything about it until someone told me that the Kentucky State Police had been in the house searching it from top to bottom. Not sure what they were charged with."

Wonderful. Does that make my new dog the opposite of McGruff?

07 April 2008

CLTV 22: A Sick Guy's Fave Five

It's kinda pitiful, but it's up. Next weekend, hopefully, I won't film one while I feel like I'm about to fall over.

03 April 2008

02 April 2008

3 Laws Safe
Even Robot Laws Have Problems

Anyone who has cable has seen the movie I Robot and some of us have actually read Asimov's stories. A recurring theme was the three laws of robotics, meant to keep sentient robots from turning on us humans. In other words, in the future Asimov foresaw people were smart enough to predict the SkyNet problem and take steps to prevent it. People continue to laud Asimov for these 3 laws:
1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2) A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
The problem is that the first law doesn't work. Basically, carried to its logical conclusion, it allows and commands robots to do what they tried to do in the movie: herd us all into safe areas and not allow any harm to come to us (we'd basically become pets).

So, what's the solution? Anyone?