29 January 2006

DA puts on S & M

Lawyer dons leather mask for closing arguments in Massachusetts dominatrix case.
A prosecutor put on a black leather mask and re-enacted a bondage session Friday at a dominatrix's manslaughter trial, telling the jury the woman did nothing to help her client when he suffered a heart attack.


Gib said...

And it didn't work.

TWM said...

This reminds me of a case I heard about when I was back in AFOSI. It was investigated and tried before I got to that particular base so all I had was the conversations of the agents who were there before me.

An Air Force member had kidnapped and sexually abused a local woman and during the trial the prosecutor clipped the "nipple clips" the defendent used on the woman on his own nipples (thru a t-shirt). According to the agents, the pain was obvious and there was a trickle of blood from one of his nipples.

The guy was convicted. I don't know if the prosecutor kept the clips.

Ken Lammers said...

If a gimmick like this works you are the smartest attorney in the world. If it fails you spend the next three years being referred to by everybody in your office as "the gimp."