01 January 2006

More On Ed Barber and The Sexual Charges

As discussed earlier, Ed Barber, the head of my county's board of supervisors, has been charged with sexual assault on a minor.

Here's And Another Thing's discussion about Mr. Barber's prior history.

Here's a more indepth discussion about the charges (thanks Milbarge), to which the defense seems to be that it's the outcome of a family fight. I don't yet know whether this is going to be a case with actual physical evidence or one of those where it goes in front of the jury on the theory of "Why would she lie?"


Matt said...

Hmph. Prosecutors will be from my neck of the woods. I wonder why?

Ken Lammers said...

They probably had to find somebody outside the local political scene from an office large enough to spare someone for a serious case which will keep them away for a while.

Anonymous said...

The reason for an out of town prosecutor is to prevent any conflict of interest. The BOS funds both the police and other gov. offices in the county. These are VERY serious charges and the police will not drop such a charge due to a 'family fight'. The fact that accuser has been identified by Mr. Barber's wife is unfathomable. I believe family fight was one of several supposed reason for the victim to come forward. All will come out in time. But gut feeling of charges and high bond for a non flight risk...He is in a great deal of trouble