16 January 2006


Here's a wonderful way to waste all sorts of time. I plugged in a number of bloggers (whose names I was sure are meant to be public) to see where they stood:

The Big Dogs:

Howard Bashman How Appealing 10393
Orin Kerr The Volokh Conspiracy 8786
Chad Dotson Commonwealth Conservative 8290


Ken Lammers CrimLaw 7781


Steve Minor SW Va Law 5082
Donald Caster All Deliberate Speed 3592
Joel Jacobsen Judging Crimes 2441
Tom McKenna Seeking Justice 871

Strange Results:

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 3622
Steve Dillard Southern Appeal 576

From Mobuzz


Steve said...

So, I've got the third-biggest ego in the Virginia blogosphere? That sounds like me, me, me.

Steve Dillard (aka Feddie) said...

Hey, if you run feddie and southernappeal.blogspot.com (my old address), you get a score of 6,826.

Oh, and steve dillard and southernappeal.blogspot.com gave me a 3,498.

Stephen Dillard and southernappeal.blogspot gave me a 3,553

Chad said...

Steve Minor certainly has a bigger ego than I.