01 May 2006

Mexico Wants Our Stoners

You're in the Mexican government. A lot of your citizens are leaving and going to the US. So what's your plan to replenish your population?

You could legalize drugs and get every single U.S. citizen who has ever worn a tie dye t-shirt to move to your country.

Heck, the entire population of California may end up in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think they want to replenish their population? The whole country is owned by 19 families, they have a high birthrate and excess population. Too many people and a high unemployment rate(>40%) lead to social ferment(think 1910 revolution and maybe this time the 19 families will be unable to co-opt the revolution).

Anonymous said...

The amounts are really tiny. A quarter bag -- common enough retail increment here in the U.S. - would be regarded as a dealer amount.