20 June 2007

Around the Web

1) Not the greatest fortune teller the world has ever known - she didn't even know which of her clients would turn her into the police.

2) Don't mess with this guy's mom - he'll take your own gun from you and start ventilating.

3) If the defendant writes the following to the judge while asking for leniency your case is probably in deep trouble: [my] mental illness "casts a lingering shadow over the case that leniency could help dispel."

4) A judge throws a defense attorney in jail for contempt when she refuses to answer questions about her client's case because " [t]he judge had already found that attorney-client privilege did not apply to issues of evidence destruction and that in any event her testimony on the issue at two previous hearings was a total waiver of the privilege." I think the judge is probably right on the first issue, but he's wrong on the second. No action by defense counsel can waive the attorney-client privilege. The only person who can waive that privilege is the defendant.

5) Look Ma! The police have gotten themselves backward some Big-Wheels!

6) Where's the loyalty? Even the mob can't keep 'em in line anymore.

7) Mandatory alcohol tests for officers who shoot someone. Doesn't strike me as a terrible thing. The fact that it is felt to be necessary, now that bothers me.

8) The great row-house ladder battle.

9) If you forget to put restitution in the plea agreement the judge will keep you to the 4 corners of your agreement - even if it costs you over $140 million.

10) I hereby sentence you to 3 years, without a date. Huh?!?

11) And then there are the judges who just can't get over the Beatles.

12) Jesus cares about traffic safety.

13) If you're going to blog about the trial you're a juror on, don't brag about lying during jury selection.

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