22 June 2007

Sometimes All You Can Do is Say "WOW!"

A .50 BAC.

That's right - You read it right - not .05 or even .25.

A .50 BAC.

Forget jail. They ought to take her straight to Area 51 and try to figure out what kind of alien she is. 'Cuz, nothing human survives after substituting that much alcohol for water in the blood stream.


markm said...

Alcohol is physically habituating and addictive. That is, if you use enough for a long enough time, your body changes so it affects you less and you have to take more to achieve the desired state. Like heroin, a long-term alcohol addict might need what would be a fatal dose for normal people just to feel "right". Of course, by that time the addict is rather disabled all the time...

Anonymous said...

could also be evidence suggestive of the sometimes less-than-accurate readings of the intoxilyzer