26 January 2011

Technically the Superior Court

I'm helping ProSe, who has a civil traffic case in Circuit Court, continue his case for a week because he has cases in General District Court tied to it and the witnesses won't be in the courthouse until that day. There's no problem with the continuance and, while we are still standing in front of the judge's bench, I turn to my right and start to tell ProSe he should go to the General District Court first because the witnesses will be there and the attorney who is handling the case should be there as well, but to make sure they all come to the Circuit Court to take care of this case.

Me: "Mr. ProSe, you should go to the district court first. Technically, this is the superior court . . ."

Then, from over my left shoulder, in the general location of the judge, comes a dry, droll voice:

"Yes, technically this is the superior court . . ."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Judges love to do that kinda stuff. I hate when a Circuit judge busts your chops for being stuck in GDC.