24 January 2011

Things You Probably Shouldn't Wear to Court

I'm sitting in court and the entire day there's been a guy sitting in the front row with a ratty, old white t-shirt on with something scrawled on it which appears to be in black magic marker. I've spent a good portion of my day trying to get a good enough look to read it without staring at the guy. Finally, I make it out.
I usually only sleep with 10's but I'll make an exception for two 5's
This is a brilliant choice of wardrobe to wear when appearing before Her Honor.

[addendum] The guy turned out not to be totally without common sense. Before he got called before the judge he found a coat to put on and button closed.

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Anonymous said...

That is almost as good as my client who came to court for shooting at an occupied dwelling with a necklace made from shell casings and a gun medallion. I was amazed at his stupidity and told him so. That amazement did not last for long as I was able to see the source of that stupidity when his mother approached indignant that I had told her son to take off the necklace.