04 March 2011

Around the CrimNewsWeb

1) A Florida doctor gets convicted for the pills they are flooding the mountains with.

2) Jewish people, as a collective whole, are not responsible for the killing of Jesus. Not terribly shocking seeing as Jesus and His followers were Jewish too.

3) Prison security, religious beliefs, and hair cuts.

4) Use your cell phone to ask for answers for your college entrance exam (while taking the exam) will get you a one way trip to the hoosegow in Japan.

5) Next step, indict every dictator.

6) Wow.. Throw a brick thru a window in Kentucky and kill someone and you will get 6 years in prison. Don't fret tho, you'll probably only have to serve 20% of that time.

7) Apparently, the Census Bureau wants to help inmates escape the Richmond jail.

8) The most important legislation of the year, the Salem anti-chicken ordinance, has stalled.

9) Kentucky makes "bathing salts" illegal.

10) Will Virginia become more lenient about parole? In a related story, will the sky turn green and baked muffins rain down from high?

11) Tom expresses his undying luv for Justice Sonya Sotomayer. (or at least as close as he's ever going to get)

12) Collar bomb = 30 years.

13) You know, there's a reason judges shouldn't be getting paid by the jail.

14) The Virginia General Assembly balks at the price of civil commitments of sex offenders.

15) Facebook murder.

16) Tennessee is considering making following the Shariah illegal. This is of concern to me as a person who belongs to a faith which has its own fully developed set of canons. Of course, were the Tennessee legislature to consider moving against the Catholic Church, we might close down all bingo at the church halls around the State, so we're probably safe for now.

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JR said...

There is no bingo at Catholic churches in Tennessee. In 1989 the state supreme court ruled that bingo gambling violated the state constitution.

As for the bill regarding Sharia law, I get the impression that Rep. Ketron doesn't really understand what Sharia is or its relation to Islam. My opinion is that he wants certain parts of it to be illegal, but doesn't realize that a great many other things, integral to the practice of Islam, are also governed by it.