31 March 2011

Sluts and Allies Unite

SlutWalk Toronto is going to take place on 03 April. Yes, you read that right, there is going to be a slutwalk in Toronto. What's more, the organizers want to unite with their allies during the slutwalk. Honest. I have proof from their site:
You might ask, what in the ever-loving-world is that all about? Well, I'll tell you.

A little while back an officer went to a law school in Toronto and said that although women are not responsible for the behavior of men who commit sexual assaults against them, those women who are concerned can take steps of their own and act in a risk averse fashion. It was the equivalent of the officer saying that while a home owner is not responsible if his house is burglarized, the owner should not walk around the local WonderMart having a conversation with his wife about how they never lock any doors or windows on their mcMansion. He may want to have that conversation, he has the right to have that conversation, and he is not legally responsible if someone who overhears that conversation burglarizes his house. However, if he is risk averse he might choose not to have the conversation.

So, how did the officer get in trouble? He did not use PC speak and he did not recognize the absolute necessity that every citizen who is acting in a legal manner must not be cautioned that his/her behavior, while legal, may expose that person to danger. He also didn't seem to realize that he was in a place which had at least a fairly liberal atmosphere.

He said that one way for women to avoid sexual assault is to not dress like sluts. The answer is simply too blunt and too likely to stir up emotions. The officer's already been disciplined for being truthful - hopefully the only thing his superiors made him do is learn PC-speak so that the next time he speaks truth he won't use emotionally powerful words to say it.

The lesson here? Speak blandly.

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