01 March 2011

Lake Lammers

I had the day off yesterday so that I could run around and do various and sundry things. When I got back to the house about 3:30 there had been a full day's worth of driving rain, resulting in this:
 That's the back third of my property covered in water. Here's a closeup of the stream overflowing into the yard.
 The worst was the bridge to the road. I was a little concerned as to whether there would be a bridge to get back out to the road this morning.

Thankfully, you give my landlord and his sons some rails from an abandoned railroad track and
they can build one heckuva bridge. Anyway, by this morning everything was back to normal.

(Yes, I know this has nothing to do with anything crimlaw related, but I was more worried about whether I was going to get flooded out yesterday than thinking up a criminal law post.)

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