15 May 2012

Good Cop

For those of you who believed that YouTube exists only to show officers behaving badly, here are three proving it's not (entirely) so.

1. The Maine State Trooper: This one's been around the web for years. This Trooper endures all sorts of abuse from the driver and his reaction? He just slowly, but surely tells the man everything he's supposed to. Slowly.

2. Chat 'em Up: There's nothing too spectacular about this one. Two protesters were pretty much being ignored until this state police officer came out to check on someone wearing an orange jump suit. The protesters seem impressed.

3. Open Carry: In this case it's fairly obvious that the guy walking around openly carrying a firearm is hoping to provoke something. The officer comes up and starts a typical safety check (you have a right to open carry - conversely, other citizens have a right to be worried when they see a guy walking down the street armed), but he quickly cottons to what's going on and turns it. By the end of the video he turns right into the camera, makes sure he's centered, and announces his name, badge number, and department.

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