17 July 2005

Around the Web

1) How do you accidentally scalp someone?

2) Hmmmm . . . You know, I wouldn't mind if everyone who wanted to sit as a judge had to qualify by having tried at least 5 felony cases a year for the last five years (and at least one of those years as a defense attorney). Ahh, to dream the impossible dream . . .

3) PDD in a tough situation: Life or Death?

4) You can kill criminals in Kentucky as long as you don't stick them in the neck.

5) Here's a unique solution to illegal immigrants. Probably not a workable solution but unique.

6) Can you violate that restraining order by blogging?

7) Been there, done that. Except the last time a prison turned me away I had sent it all the paperwork. They just wouldn't admit I had. After I got sent back to my office I checked and I had the fax confirmation about the paperwork they required (a paper faxed by me so that I can confirm I am a lawyer).

8) 15 bank robberies = 7 years in jail. 7 years??? This man obviously had enough brains not to do any of them in Virginia. Also, he did all the robberies because was emotionally scarred by 9/11.

9) "[W]e should barter for sex with food and entertainment instead of doing a straight cash deal?"

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