16 October 2005

A New Lexcast: Presumptions of Guilt and DUI's

This week's episode discusses the constitutional interpretation and the presumptions under Virginia's DUI laws. I discuss why a Virginia judge is right when he says the statute is unconstitutional but wrong when he dismisses cases based upon the constitutional error.

Here's the video
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FrontierLawStudent said...

I agree with you- in my humble, 1L opinion, the judge is over-reaching.

Anonymous said...

I love these. My only complaint is that they won't play under Linux without me improperly using Windows libraries - I could use the software, but it is my understanding that it isn't legal to do so, due to to how the software is licensed. So, I have to boot Windows to see these.

If you recorded them as MPEG or even Quicktime, I wouldn't annoy you with technical babble about free software.

Ken Lammers said...

One of my cameras uses software which saves as .asf and the other saves as .wmv. I can automatically download to Windows movies maker and it claims to be able to export to mpeg but the file produced won't work when I try to use it with other software. I've tried translation programs but they always messed up the final product. I also purchased Quicktime Pro, thinking it could take the wmv files (or the putative mpeg2 files) and convert them to h264. I couldn't even get it to load them.

Actually, mpeg would be the way to go if I can get it to work because I just don't have time to go and put it together and then convert it to different files types like CommandN and others do. Maybe I'll have time to figure it all out sometime soon but for now the compromise is.wmv because I know I can get it to work.

Some Adobe movie program is on the Sony I bought a year or so back. Maybe it'll do it. I'll have to check.